Master Pancake

    "A glorious pairing of movies and comedy" - Entertainment Weekly

    "Austin's Best Comedy Troupe" - Austin Chronicle

    MASTER PANCAKE is the Alamo Drafthouse tradition of pairing questionable movies with live comedy (and beer)! It's smart, fast, and bust-a-gut funny. Voted BEST COMEDY TROUPE four years in a row by the readers of the Austin Chronicle, MASTER PANCAKE features slacker wise-cracker John Erler, his partner Joe Parsons, and a rotating band of Austin's funniest comics going up against the worst that Hollywood has to offer. Recent Master Pancake "hits" include vampire teen romance juggernaut TWILIGHT, web-slinging super franchise SPIDER-MAN, and '80s cyborg classic ROBOCOP. Plus, don't miss their periodic installments of CHOOSE YOUR OWN PANCAKE (the audience picks the film, and they mock it unrehearsed!), STAR TREK MOCK (pitting the likes of Kirk vs Picard, and Next Gen Klingons vs classic Klingons!), and VIDEO JUKEBOX (mocking music videos all the way from the '80s to today)!  Shows regularly sell out in well advance, so get your tickets for this weekend now.