Unless they're the ultra-hilarious Master Pancake Theater, there's nothing more annoying than people heckling a movie. Their voices interrupt the characters, and even if their jokes are really good you end up missing some key line of dialog that would make the next joke even better.

    Enter HeckleVision - we pick some hilariously horrible movies (but movies we can't help but love anyway) and through the magic of MuVChat technology we let you text your heckles silently from your seat as they then magically appear up on the screen alongside the main action. ANYTHING goes in this all out assault on crappy cinema and you can bask in the glory of your textual genius or recoup from a whiff as you prepare your next text. When you don't have anything to contribute to the heckle conversation you can sit back and enjoy other peoples' snarky comments. So charge up those cell phones and prepare your wit because it's heckling time!