Food & Film

    "Food and Film" is what we do. We show fantastic movies and serve fantastic food. But what if we took it one step further? With our FOOD AND FILM series, our highly creative chefs design a meal (and, usually, drink pairings) themed with a film, which creates the perfect convergence of cinema and cuisine, verifiable feasts of decadence and delight. With expert chefs at the helms of our kitchens, the Alamo Drafthouse has the unique ability to create special gourmet menus made-to-order for classic films, and amazing special items for the hottest new releases, too. Past highlights include the LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Five Course Feast, the CASABLANCA Morroccan Feast, the LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy with nine meals (one at each Hobbit eating time), the Alamo Iron Chef Competition, and our legendary Valentine's Feasts. These events are the perfect opportunity to treat a loved one -- and yourself -- to a memorable experience.