Best of the Alamo Menu

The Best of the Alamo menu features a selection of our crowd favorites from our regular menu.  It is a convenient choice when you want to offer the great selection of the regular menu, but manage cost and simplify service at your event.  You can even pre-order your items for the fastest service.  Includes tea or a fountain beverage.  Best of the Alamo Snack and Brunch menus are also available for private events.

Salads or Wrap - Each option is available as a salad or wrap with chicken or tofu*:

Ceasar - Romaine hearts, baby romaine, herb parmesan, cherry tomatoes, spiced pumpkin seeds
Mexican - Mixed greens, romaine, avocado, jicama, cotija, tortilla crisps, red onion, jalapeno lime vinaigrette
Greek - Baby kale, arugula, feta, red onion, cucumber, fried chickpeas, lemon basil vinaigrette


Pepperoni Pizza - Tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino and pepperoni
Tomato & Basil Pesto Pizza - Fresh mozzarella, parmesan and pecorino*
Proscuitto & Spinach Pizza - Olive oil, mozzarella, red onion, roasted garlic, parmesan and pecorino

Burgers - Choose beef, chicken breast or veggie burger*

Royale with Cheeseburger - Smoked bacon, cheddar, red onion, leaf lettuce, tomato, mayo
Spicy Blue Cheeseburger - Blue cheese, Frank’s Red Hot, red onion, mayo
Avocado & Pesto Burger - Avocado, pesto, roasted garlic hummus, tomato, sprouts

*Vegetarian Option
*Not all party options are available at all locations.*

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