70mm at The Ritz

    See movies in the biggest, best and most REAL way possible: in glorious, powerful 70MM!

    In the world of film presentation, nothing -- digital or otherwise -- can ever match the power and glory of 70mm film. A gargantuan creation of the 1950s, 70mm quickly became the permanent benchmark of quality, transforming every title released on it into a mind-expanding epic. The depth, the sharpness, the beauty and the history make every 70mm screening an unforgettable event for any movie nut. While movie studios and theaters dump off celluloid to replace with computer files and giant TVs, the Alamo is wildly proud to instead leap into the tremendous, triumphant arena of 70mm.

    The incredible lineup includes WEST SIDE STORY, CLEOPATRA, GHOSTBUSTERSINDIANA JONES, BARAKA, PLAYTIME and Paul Thomas Anderson’s highly anticipated new film THE MASTER, all shown the way they were meant to be seen, in beautiful 70mm.