About Mondo

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse's collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and Movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek & Universal Monsters. Championed for their limited edition screen printed posters, Mondo focuses on bringing art back to movie posters by working with artists such as Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Martin Ansin and others. Besides creating stunning works for beloved classics and contemporary films, Mondo produces posters for featured Alamo Drafthouse events and has recently inaugurated a "Director's Series" that will focus on a celebrated filmmaker's body of work, beginning with Guillermo del Toro.

Filmmaker Quotes

"It's an honor and great fun to be chosen by Mondo to participate in their Director's Series. I think the posters brim with wild imagination and sly humor. Thank you so much - I'm pleased my films have earned a place in your gallery!"
-Wes Craven

"It is a rare privilege to be included in this mind-blowing poster series. These images enshrine and preserve the energy of the films they depict in a way that no square marketing could!!! More power to them!!!"
-Guillermo Del Toro

"I always hope when I create my movies that they will inspire people to embrace them in their own way. Ken Taylor's interpretation of Sucker Punch is super awesome and perfectly captured our vision for the film, and I am grateful Mondo has chosen to honor my work in this profound way. I can’t wait to see the rest of the set."
– Zack Snyder

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