Director John Hughes
Year 1985
Starring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith
Rating PG-13
Run Time 104min
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Two teen dweebs (Anthony Michael Hall and the other guy) transform their virginal frustrations into supernaturally computerized reality in one of the most crazed comedies of the '80s! The suburbs are turned inside out when the boys strap bras on their heads and conjure up omega-lady Lisa, played by Steven Seagal's future ex-wife Kelly LeBrock. WEIRD SCIENCE may be solely responsible for the decreased attention span of the American public; it's so packed full of insanity, destruction and teenage fantasy wildness that there's no room for rational screenwriting. So instead, you get transdimensional punk bikers, nuclear weaponry and a talking, farting blob played by Bill Paxton. That's a pretty great trade-off. So join us for a rare 35mm screening of this Oingo Boingo-powered, anti-realistic ode to supreme nerd domination. Also, witness one of cinema's most gravely embarrassing moments when Hall drunkenly speaks in "black voice." ZZANG!!! 

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