The ROBOCOP Triple-Feature Reverse Marathon

Director Fred Dekker, Irvin Kershner, Paul Verhoeven
Year 1993-1987
Starring Robert John Burke, Peter Weller
Rating R
Run Time 333min
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In 1987, action and sci-fi collided in a nuclear blast, scarring the mean streets of New Detroit for eternity. Suddenly, every pusher, rapist, scumbag and nuke-head was up against their worst nightmare: Bionic Justice. Semi-murdered officer Murphy was scientifically resurrected, armed with impenetrable armor and an unquenchable thirst for public service.

The 1987 release of ROBOCOP shook the foundations of Hollywood, forever reshaping our expectations of full-powered, conscience-free, bullet-riddled big screen excitement. Two violence-packed sequels followed…but we’ve decided to save the best for last!

Yep, we’re going to kick off this triple-fisted backwards celluloid rampage with the universally maligned ROBOCOP 3, where our hero jet-packs through the sky while battling a superninja! Then on to the hated-and-underrated ROBOCOP 2, where Murphy takes on a multiple crazed megabots and a drug-spazzed crime empire! Then the grand finale: the unstoppable, unbeatable, unbelievable, un-remake-able ultimate action onslaught of ROBOCOP!!

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime, ragingly stupid, impossibly entertaining mega-event!! “I’d buy that for a dollar!” ZZANG!!!

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