Only At The Alamo


Director Ricky Powell!
Year 2011
Starring Ricky Powell!
Run Time 100min
Age Policy

18 and up. No one under 18 admitted.

More Info Official Website

Not only was Ricky Powell on the scene with his camera during the rise of hip hop in the '80s, he was part of that same scene as the unofficial house photographer at Def Jam and as the "fourth Beastie Boy." Though his photographs are now accepted and respected by the art world, he's still living the wild style. And now he's touring with a slideshow of some of his best photographs and uncensored stories about the movers and shakers of hip hop and popular culture in general. Here's a snippet of the Billboard review of his All Tomorrow's Parties appearance: "For two-and-a half hours, Powell -- a fixture of New York rap and art scene -- downed tequila shots while he gave a first-hand account of hip-hop's '80s rise, dished about the celebs "on his d*ck" (Cindy Crawford, Chris Rock), and told outrageous stories about the "freaky bitches" he met during his weed-dealing days. Powell grew more "open" (as he put it) as the event went on, and only ceased his tirade when the mic was forcibly removed from his hand." Sounds fun. Seatbelts will not be provided.

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