Weird Wednesday


Director Dimis Dadiras
Year 1969
Starring Kostas Prekas, Gisela Dali, Maria Foka
Run Time 88min
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From Greece comes this amazing, kinky, violent psychosexual soap opera. When good girl Nadia investigates her sister's death she finds out that sadistic pimp Nick is behind it all so she straps on the leather and whips and beats him at his own game.

Full of unspeakable perversions, dark secrets, two-way mirrors, orgies and 40-weight sleaze. There's even an adorable pussycat, who purrs and licks her paws as the worst kinds of depravity unfold in front of her. Sounds great, huh?

But for me the best part of this movie is the CONSTANT cigarette smoking. A rare treat that you won't find anywhere else. (Lars)

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