Director Russ Meyer
Year 1962
Starring Teri Taylor, Julie Williams, Sammy Gilbert
Run Time 65min
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Screening in 35mm as part of the series BIG BROADS AND MEEK MEN: THE FILMS OF RUSS MEYER.

WILD GALS OF THE NAKED WEST opens in a frontier ghost town whose sole occupant is The Stranger, a hard-drinking old-timer who reminisces about the old days, when the streets ran with blood and the saloon had whisky and women on tap. Flashing back to these lawless times, Russ Meyer indulges in a near-plotless, over-the-top, colorful western spoof, full of cartoonish imagery and eye-popping set design.

This movie reaches so far beyond other contemporaneous "nudie cuties" that it's arms must be 12 feet long. Russ Meyer is well endowed with a great filmmaking genious and while his grittier stuff like FASTER PUSSYCAT may have a bigger cult following, his softer early works are really where it's at. They are the astonishing result of mixing Jacques Tati style clowning, movie-going America's prurient interest in nudist camps, the iconography of classic Westerns, and boldy colorful, expressionistic minimalism in a swirling hot tub of inspiration. Peerless pop perfection.

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