Weird Wednesday


Director Corey Allen
Year 1971
Rating R
Run Time 89min
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"It's not his nose that grows." Unbelievably silly high concept adult fairy tale about a wooden man created by the horny Gepetta (the amazing Monica Gayle, Patch from SWITCHBLADE SISTERS) to help satisfy her insatiable desires.  As you could probably figure out for yourself, he becomes a real warm-blooded man and pretty soon he's knee deep in the naughty free-love sex hijinks of feudal Europe. But he's faced with one difficult and embarrassing technical problem: everytime he's unfaithful to Gepetta, his love-kabob doubles in size.  And since he's starring in one of the village's many profitable live sex shows (presided over by a guy who looks and acts exactly like Super Mario), he soon finds his indiscretions impossible to conceal.  A stupid yet fun film that will appeal to your baser instincts. With Dyanne (ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS) Thorne as the Fairy Godmother and an all-star cast of sixties and seventies skin-flick performers. (Lars)


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