Director Alfredo Salazar
Year 1965
Starring Dagoberto Rodríguez, David Silva, Alicia Caro
Rating PG
Run Time 79min
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Mexican horror never plays it straight. From Santo's crusades against vampire wrestlers to clown-midgets who attack children with butcher knives, every south-of-the-border adventure feels like it escaped from an alternate dimension where Dracula is president, every day is Halloween, and pulp crime magazines are substituted for newspapers. RIDER OF THE SKULLS is the ultimate distillation of this spook-folk paradise. A werewolf! A vampire! A headless horseman! And a masked cowboy, dressed in black and sworn to protect the world from skull-faced cult members, cackling witches, and a dismembered head in a box! Smitten with 1940s Universal horror and exploding with ambitious make-up effects, this is the cheapo Mexican monster bash that can't be contained or explained. Presented on a bootleg VHS tape with English subtitles for maximum satisfaction. (Joseph A. Ziemba)