Music Monday


Director Paul Duane
Year 2012
Starring Jerry McGill
Run Time 85min
More Info IMDb

Jerry McGill recorded one single on Sun Records in 1959, then slipped from a rock'n'roll career into a life of crime, robbing banks and running from the FBI. He surfaced occasionally, to make brilliant records that never came out, tour with legends of country music, star in William Eggleston’s notorious documentary STRANDED IN CANTON, and prove he was still free man. After three jail sentences (under two different names), aged 70 and suffering from terminal cancer, he's announced his return to recording. VERY EXTREMELY DANGEROUS follows a heavily armed McGill as he travels through four states, stealing whatever's not nailed down and charmig his way into and out of trouble. A thrill ride on the trigger finger of a career criminal living his last days, VERY EXTREMELY DANGEROUS is a documentary with dark humor and discomfiting intimacy.

"It’s GREY GARDENS on the highway to hell  -- as funny as it is frightening, and as compassionate as it is shocking." - John Beifuss


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