Valentine’s Feast: MOONSTRUCK

Director Norman Jewison
Year 1987
Starring Nicolas Cage, Cher, Danny Aiello, Olympa Dukakis
Rating PG
Run Time 102min
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From the writer of JOE VS. THE VOLCANO and the director of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR comes the ultimate tale of romance.  Anchored by an Academy Award winning Cher peformance and featuring a truly Marlon Brando-caliber performance from Nicolas Cage, MOONSTRUCK is an energetic and comedic tale of love.

Widowed Loretta is set to marry again to a man she does not love, but knows will treat her well. When that man is forced to return to Sicily to tend to his dying mother, Loretta takes it upon herself to try and patch up a bad relationship between her new fiance and his wooden handed brother Ronny. But what she didn't expect was to realize she was marrying the wrong brother.

When someone flips a table in front of you and says he's taking you to bed, well, that's the kind of passionate Valentine's Day gesture we're hoping to inspire here. Moonstruck is a turbulent whirlwind of infidelity, romance and food but above all else it's about finding love.

So grab a date or come alone, because our head Chef is whipping up something special for all you lovers and loners this Valentine's Day with a very special Valentine's Feast screening of MOONSTRUCK. (Greg MacLennan)

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