Director Sidney Poitier
Year 1974
Starring Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor
Rating PG
Run Time 104min
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Forget everything you know about friendship, love, and vigilantes. The first chapter of an unofficial trilogy that teamed Sidney Poitier with Bill Cosby and his spectacular beard, UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT is a blueprint for how to make an audience feel good. Poitier and Cosby play blue-collar workers who find their evening at a back-alley gambling joint interrupted by masked robbers. The next day, Poitier discovers that a winning lottery ticket is in his stolen wallet. Richard Pryor as a neurotic detective! Harry Belafonte as a gangster named "Geechie Dan!" The chase is on! A marked shift from the "afros 'n' shotguns" blaxploitation that flooded theater screens in 1974, UPTOWN is a smart action-comedy that's filled with outrageous characters and Cosby scene-stealing. Even if this movie was just 90 minutes of Bill Cosby making faces at people, it would still be the most fun you'd have all week.

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