Tough Guy Cinema


Director John Woo
Year 1997
Starring John Travolta, Nic Cage and Joan Allen
Rating R
Run Time 138min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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In order to catch him... he must become him.

Fresh off the success of HARD BOILED, John Woo hit the American scene with HARD TARGET starring (none other than resident Tough Guy) Jean-Claude Van Damme. Despite HARD TARGET being totally, incredibly snake-punchingly awesome, Woo encountered nonstop studio interference during his first American film that it would go on to plague his second release, BROKEN ARROW.

After being soured by the Hollywood studio system, Woo resolved to not work on anything unless he had more creative and editorial control, and, after rejecting FACE/OFF several times, he finally agreed to make the movie he wanted, and, OH MAN, is it WOO-TASTIC. John Travolta and Nic Cage star as a cop and criminal tangled in a vicious game of cat and mouse.

When notoriously slow peach-eater, Castor Troy (Nic Cage), ends up in a coma, and the only person who knows the location of a bomb that is set to destroy the City of Angels is Castor's brother, eagle scout Sean (Travolta) is forced to undergo an emergency experimental surgery that will put his greatest enemy’s face...on himself. Bullets whiz and doves fly.

John Travolta gets to act like Nicholas Cage, and Nicolas Cage gets to act like a TOTAL FUCKING MANIAC in an action movie that has no words to describe its brilliant insanity. Watching '90s John Woo in high gear is like watching Michael Bay have a three-way with the CRANK movies while the Devil himself watches. It is top-notch action and spectacularly entertaining with totally over-the-top performances.

Grab a dead grandparent because this one is guaranteed to put the pulse back into even the most lifeless and joyless soul as Tough Guy Cinema prepares to take your FACE/OFF. (Greg MacLennan)

“I want to take his face... off. Eyes, nose, skin, teeth. It's coming off.”

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