Action Pack

TOTALLY ‘80s Sing-Along Dance Party

Director The Action Pack
Year 1980s
Starring Madonna, A-Ha, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and More!!
Run Time 120min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

The Action Pack turns the movie theater into the best dance club in town with a music video dance party on the BIG screen!

The 1980s was the decade that gave us Michael Jackson, Madonna AND Prince. That power trio alone would be enough of a gift to mankind from any ten year period of time, but the ‘80s didn’t stop there.

The ‘80s was also the decade that brought us new wave acts like Depeche Mode and Erasure. It gave us glam rock from Warrant and Guns ‘n Roses. It gave birth to party rock from the J. Geils Band and Huey Lewis. And, of course, party pop from Tiffany and Belinda Carlisle, and old school hip hop.
In short, the 1980s were totally radical.

But the single greatest gift the 1980s gave the world is what we’re here to celebrate with the Totally ‘80s Sing-Along Dance Party – the music video. There will never be another form of entertainment greater than the music video, because those three and a half minutes of pop music linked to crazy imagery is nothing short of pure perfection, and seeing them on the movie screen with a thumping digital movie theater sound system blasting the music throughout the theater is one of the best experiences you can have in life.

Of course, most nights when you come to the Alamo Drafthouse they ask you to be quiet during the movie. They prefer it if you stay seated in your chair. And you would probably get in trouble if you stood up, walked down to the front of the theater, and started dancing like a crazy person right in front of the screen.

But when we invite the Action Pack to take over the theater with their trademarked Sing-Along Dance Parties we aren’t having just any night at the Alamo Drafthouse.
Because while on most nights the Alamo strives to be the best movie theater in town, at Sing-Along Dance Parties we transform our auditoriums into the greatest dance club in your neighborhood, complete with fully VJed sets of the greatest music videos ever made plus free props included with your ticket that make the party come to life.

Just as during normal movie screenings at the Alamo, you can still reserve your seat ahead of time, and your waiter will still continue to bring you any sort of food or drink that you need directly to your table all throughout the party, so coming out to the theater for a dance party is like getting your own private table at some swanky bottle service club in Manhattan, except that at the Alamo you don’t have to worry about some weird bouncer giving you the evil eye whenever you want to get up and come back to your table.
Want to go dance in front of the screen? Do it! Prefer sitting in your chair holding your fist to your chest and belting out all of the lyrics to your favorite Whitney Houston song? We totally feel you, and would love to join in on that.

Our VJs build a new show for every edition of the Totally ‘80s Sing-Along Dance Party, so you can come back over and over again and never have the same experience twice.
Want to request a special theme for one week of the show, or find out if your favorite song could be making an appearance in tonight’s set list? Follow The Action Pack on Twitter and become their friend on Facebook and they’ll let you in on all the secrets!

Then come out to the movie theater ready to have the best dance party of your life. Every single time. And make sure you get there early, too, because we'll have singing contests, prop bags full of balloons, streamers and glow sticks, inflatable air guitars and much, much more.   Every Totally ‘80s Sing-Along is the most radical party we can throw, and you won't want to miss a single one.

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