THX 1138 with live score from CONVEYOR

Director George Lucas
Year 1971
Starring Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence, Maggie McOmie
Rating R
Run Time 88min
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A chilling exploration of the future, George Lucas' THX 1138 stars Robert Duvall as a man whose mind and body are controlled by the government. He makes a harrowing attempt to escape from a world where thoughts are controlled, freedom is an impossibility and love is the ultimate crime.

Conveyor is a band. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, the band is composed of electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, voice, and the four members that manipulate these instruments in order to perform the songs. The body that comprises their work currently includes: a string of self-released EPs, a cassette, one full-length album, and a number of 7” singles. The music is best described as melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, predominantly major-key, and adequately fits under the categories of rock and pop, with additional associations, more or less strong, to related sub-genres.

Their latest release, Prime, reflects the four members' restless preoccupation with being anything but predictable- stretching across two heavyweight LPs, the record is a series of themes inspired by and originally performed alongside a midnight cult showing of George Lucas' THX 1138. The record is droning, stark, monotonous, chromatic, instrumental, black-and-white. It is cold and separated, yet every note is played with the distinctly human touch of the people that worked toward its completion.

Conveyor will be performing Prime in its entirety alongside THX 1138.

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