Director Harry Revier & Dwain Esper
Year 1938
Run Time 129min
Age Policy

18 and up. No one under 18 admitted.

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CHILD BRIDE is an astonishing, primitive bit of darkest rural Americana. Though made in the late ‘30s, it has the deep-etched look of turn of the century pulp illustrations and the deeply melodramatic plot has echoes of such 18th century touring stage spectacles as UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. It’s fascinating to see our forebears’ ideas about sex, marriage and gender. And of course it’s uproariously funny too. I’m not certain who comes across as more ridiculous, the earnest crusaders against child marriage in rural America or the toothless villain, who has his lustful eyes on the 12-year old heroine. This film played for decades on the exploitation roadshow circuit and it certainly delivers the entertainment value. This film will be projected from a rare print courtesy of Skip Elsheimer. (Lars)

From notorious exploitation pioneer Dwain Esper (REEFER MADNESS, MANIAC, MARIHUANA, HOW TO UNDRESS IN FRONT OF YOUR HUSBAND) is SEX MADNESS (1938), an amazing example of the sex-hygiene film.  On its surface an educational film warning teenagers about the dangers of the dreaded venereal disease syphilis, the film really shines in its portrayals of the way to get that disease – namely, some steamy 1930s lesbianism and premarital sex.  Along the way you’ll learn a few of the facts of life (most of them only semi-accurate) and you’ll get to see how your grandmother used to make love.  There is some legitimacy to pictures like this – in 1938 it was hard to get any information about VD, and it was films like SEX MADNESS that informed a great section of the population. But at the same time, it was obvious what this film was meant for – because showing the symptoms of syphilis used to be a great way to turn people on. (Daniel)

All films in this series are screened from rare, archival prints with all the vintage scars and gouges you could ever dream of.