Director Xavier Gens
Year 2011
Starring Lauren German, Jennifer Blanc, Michael Biehn
Run Time 110min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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On January 14th only--Michael Biehn will be LIVE AND IN PERSON! That's right! The genre legend, star of some of the best sci-fi and action films of all time--THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, TOMBSTONE, THE ABYSS, GRINDHOUSE and many more--will be screening THE DIVIDE and ALIENS at the Alamo Drafthouse with an audience Q&A!

From the explosive director of HITMAN comes an apocalyptic film that reveals the depths to which we can descend under devastating circumstances. Called "one of the best apocalyptic tales in quite a while" by BLOODY DISGUSTINGTHE DIVIDE is a claustrophobic nightmare that races to the finale in a breathtakingly intense eruption. 

Lauren German (HOSTEL: PART 2) stars as Eva, who watches in stunned silence as New York City is reduced to rubble by an onslaught of missiles. Rushed into her apartment building's basement with several other tenants and then unable to escape, anxiety rises as supplies dwindle and the group dynamic quickly begins to unravel. Co-starring the always superb Michael Biehn (THE TERMINATORALIENS) along with Milo Ventimiglia (HEROES) and Rosanna Arquette (PULP FICTION), THE DIVIDE is a film unafraid to expose the bleak abyss humanity is capable of reaching. (Meredith Borders)

"Gens' disaster pic has visual flair aplenty and an explosive third reel."--Shaun Munro, WHAT CULTURE

"A lean, mean and nasty little masterpiece."--John Fallon, JOBLO

"Within the first few seconds of THE DIVIDE, you're keenly aware that this movie has no intention of letting up."--Will Schiffelbein, GORDON AND THE WHALE

"THE DIVIDE is a terrifying and bleak vision of the future whose performances and images will stick with you for days after you watch it."--David Harley, BLOODY DISGUSTING

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