Box Wine Cinema: THE BODYGUARD

Director Mick Jackson
Starring Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston
Rating R
Run Time 139min
More Info IMDb

We planned this event before the recent, tragic, and too soon end of Whitney's life and now we're really glad we did. It's our perfect chance to get together and remember Whitney as she was once. Back then she was shining bright, a pop-star at the apex of her career, even in this 1992 masterpiece playing Rachel Marron… a pop star at the apex of her career. But it’s not easy at the top. Rachel has at least one really creepy stalker and her current entourage isn’t taking her safety very seriously. Enter Kevin Costner as the super stoic, straight o.j. drinking, ex-secret service agent who comes in to offer Rachel the added protection she needs. It’s far from love at first sight since Frank won’t let Rachel do anything she normally does and thinks it’s okay to make her go to brunch on Tuesday instead of Sunday. But if they never fell in love then the Grammy Award winning soundtrack wouldn’t fit and the soundtrack is the real icing on the cupcake here.  “I Will Always Love You, “ sure, but don’t forget all the 90s pop masterpieces embedded in the audio landscape of the THE BODYGUARD. 

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