Director George Waggner
Year 1941
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Raines, Evelyn Ankers, Bela Lugosi
Run Time 70min
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Fast moving and suspenseful, this is one of the second wave of Universal Horrors. Full of the atmosphere that characterizes the first batch of their iconic monster films, with a jolt of the energy and momentum that the studio brought to their ‘40s output. Lon Chaney Jr. will forever be known as Lawrence Talbot, an unfortunate man bitten by a gypsy lycanthrope who undergoes a frightening transformation when the moon is full. Universal’s horror queen Evelyn Ankers is a lovely and welcome presence and Claude Rains does the heavy acting as Talbot’s father. Featuring the unforgettable Maria Ouspenskaya, who delivers the classic bit of Hollywood folklore: “Even a man who is pure at heart and says his prayers by night....” 

Drafthouse News

FURY brings guests and fundraiser

FURY brings guests and fundraiser

A special screening of FURY on Saturday, Oct 18 will bring three WWII veterans for a live Q&A.  Throughout the run of FURY, the Alamo Drafthouse will raise money for HONOR FLIGHT NETWORK.