Director John Brahm
Year 1954
Starring Vincent Price, Eva Gabor
Run Time 72min
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Almighty morbidity-master Vincent Price lowers the velvety fist of vengeance in this 3D shocker about a failed magician who turns into a homicidal maniac, taking out his victims by using the same tricks he learned while conjuring illusions. Obviously cashing in on the massive success of HOUSE OF WAX from the previous year, MAD MAGICIAN shares the same star lurking around the same Victorian backgrounds as well as the same gleefull eagerness to abandon mood and plot in favor of 3D spookhouse gimmicks. From yo-yo's to chainsaws, playing cards to a garden hose, every possible opportunity is seized upon to thrust things out of the screen. Shot in the golden age of stereoscopic 3D, THE MAD MAGICIAN now presented in  a brand new restoration in Dolby Digital 3-D. Don't let this Halloween pass without appreciating the macabre genius of Vincent Price on the big screen.

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