Director Michael Schultz
Year 1985
Starring Taimak, Vanity, Julius Carry
Rating PG-13
Run Time 109min
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After achieving the final level of martial arts mastery, Bruce Leroy is tasked to journey out into the scummy world of New York City to embark upon his final quest to become The Last Dragon and achieve the ever elusive glow to earn him the title of the greatest martial arts master to have ever lived. But when low-down, no-good, all-around bad mamma jamma Sho'Nuff shows up to destroy Leroy, an epic battle of Good vs. Evil explodes that leaves 80s pop divas, break dancing fools and child kung-fu prodigies in it's wake. In the end only one can be the master.

A neon soaked, blaxsploitation, kung-fu musical with karate chops as strong as it's comedy. The Last Dragon is undeniable insanity specifically cultivated for your eyeballs confectionery consumption. The jokes will zing right through you as the punches smash your bones leaving your head only to bob to the rhythm of the night while your brain melts to mush as you witness this ultra explosion of totally 80's wildness. ZZANG!!! (Greg MacLennan)

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