Weird Wednesday


Director Robert F. Slatzer
Year 1968
Starring Ross Hagen, Dee Duffy, Sharyn Kinzie
Rating R
Run Time 90min
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What an astonishingly poor excuse for a biker movie! There's not a single recognizable human trait in any of these characters. They are meat on a motorbike, and inexpensive cuts of meat at that. But, while excellent biker movies are truly magnificent things, they are so very rare, so those of us who love the roar of Harleys and the sound of fuzztone guitars must learn to embrace the shittiness of these outrageously awful, poorly paced, and commercially desperate biker epics. If you can handle HELLCATS, you can handle anything life will ever throw at you. You will become like a young God. You will become light itself. We promise. (Lars Nilsen)

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