Terror Tuesday


Director Herschell Gordon Lewis
Year 1967
Starring Elizabeth Davis, Gretchen Wells, Chris Martell
Rating UR
Run Time 72min
More Info IMDb

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Herschell Gordon Lewis was the first filmmaker on earth to show audiences what happens when a tongue is ripped out of a face. So he's basically a great humanitarian. From BOIN-N-G to THE WIZARD OF GORE, Lewis' filmography is a treasure trove of horror and exploitation history. THE GRUESOME TWOSOME is a lesser-known entry in this legacy of sludge, but that doesn't mean it's anything less than insane(ly awesome). The story of a little old lady named Mrs. Pringle, her son Rodney, and a questionable wig shop, GRUESOME TWOSOME shovels on the scalpings and disembowlings. It also shovels on the heavy padding. But where most no-budget filmmakers pad their movies to feature-length running time with scenes of people talking on the telephone or driving cars, Lewis takes it twenty steps further. He fills this absurdist gore-comedy with talking mannequin heads, people eating potato chips while making out, and people eating Kentucky Fried Chicken while go-go dancing on a bed. Genius. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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