Terror Tuesday


Director John Carpenter
Year 1980
Starring Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Atkins
Rating R
Run Time 89min
More Info IMDb

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In 1980, John Carpenter was under pressure. Where do you go after unleashing HALLOWEEN, the most ground-breaking horror movie since PSYCHO? Well, you go to Stonehenge with your girlfriend and producer, Debra Hill. You see some fog. You say, "Boy, I sure do like lighthouses and ghosts. Boats, too. Let's make a movie!" And so they did. THE FOG is set during the centennial of an isolated coastal town with an evil secret. It stars lots of people who will make you happy. Jamie Lee Curtis! Adrienne Barbeau! Tom Atkins! Janet Leigh! And ghost pirates! Part 1940s Poverty Row spooker and part atmospheric 1970s shocker, THE FOG is a totally unique and genuinely frightening movie from a master at the top of his game. Imagine reading a musty issue of Charlton Comics's GHOSTLY TALES in a lakeside cabin at the stroke of midnight while listening to the soundtrack from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and you're halfway there. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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