Alamo Kids Club


Director Charlie Chaplin
Year 1928
Starring Charlie Chaplin
Run Time 71min
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This event is absolutely free! Seating is first come, first served.

THE CIRCUS is the funniest of all Charlie Chaplin's films and a masterpiece of silent comedy that all ages can guffaw at. Chaplin's Tramp runs afoul of the law and hides out within the confines of a travelling three-ring operation. Barging in during the middle of a performance, the Tramp inadvertently displays astounding comic skills on the stage and becomes the circus’s new hottest act. This deceptively simple set-up gives Chaplin one of his greatest possibility-laden canvases, one onto which he projects a fantastic run of iconic, beautifully executed comic set-pieces: the funhouse hall-of-mirrors chase, the monkey-laden tightrope walk, and his perilous, hilarious stint stuck in the lion cage. This is immortal fun.

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