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Director Janice Karman
Year 1987
Starring Ross Bagdasarian Jr., Janice Karman, Dody Goodman, Susan Tyrell, Nancy Cartwright
Rating G
Run Time 77min
Age Policy

All Ages will be allowed at all screenings of this show.

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"I could've sworn... No, it couldn't be. The boys wouldn't... Would they?"

Yep that's right! Here's Alvin, Simon, and Theodore in their first feature film!

Most of us remember Alvin and the Chipmunks as a slightly annoying animated cover band.  THE CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE is about a side venture where Alvin and the gang moonlight as diamond smugglers!  Backed by some totally not-suspicious rich people the Chipmunks and their feisty female counterparts, the Chipettes, get in a friendly hot-air balloon race around the world! During the race, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore cross paths with Brittany, Jeanette, and Elinor to conveniently break into song, have a dance contest, and defeat some creepy looking henchmen.

Are you ready to visit Mexico City, Athens, and Antarctica, all in one exciting movie?!  Show up for some free prizes from TOY JOY, and stay for the Rock and Roll action! (Lizzy Newsome)

*screening will be in 35mm

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