Action Pack

2kPOP Sing-Along: The Britney Spears Dance Party

Director The Action Pack
Year 2015
Starring Britney Spears
Run Time 120min

There will NEVER be another Britney, bitch! And there will probably never be another pop star that lets you say the word "bitch" as much as she does, either, because she's the greatest. To celebrate all of her greatness, the Action Pack is devoting this month's edition of their 2kPOP Sing-Along to everything Brit.

Our DJs will be spinning all the best from Ms. Spears' complete video catalog, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to Scream & Shout, but you'll also get to remember that special time in your life when you were no longer a girl, but you weren't quite a woman, either. Then we'll dance until the world ends, and we won't be sorry when oops, we do it again right after that.

So if you're ready to work, bitch, you're not going to want to miss this party!

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