Director Brian Percival
Year 2013
Starring Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nélisse, Ben Schnetzer, Nico Liersch, Joachim Paul Assböck.
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In this drama adapted from Markus Zusak's 2006 best-seller, Liesel, a young girl in Nazi Germany, tries to shake off memories of a tragedy by immersing herself in literature. 

Her love of reading inspires her to build a library of books (many of them stolen), which ultimately helps sustain her as she faces life with a foster family and the horrors of the Holocaust, which hit increasingly close to home. Liesel can't ignore the increasing presence of the Nazis, as they destroy Jewish-owned businessness and forcibly recruit children to join the Hitler Youth and Band of German Girls organizations. 

But Liesel's friendships with the townspeople give her the strength to hold on, even as the grim scenes of Jews being rounded up and sent to concentration camps become more frequent occurances.

When the mayor's wife notices Liesel saving a book from one of the community's Hitler-endorsed book burnings, the act leads Liesel to discover her own little piece of paradise in the midst of a world dominated by fear and suspicion.


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