Director Craig Denney
Year 1975
Starring Craig Denney
Run Time 96min
More Info IMDb

The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) is an Austin-based film repository that houses many prints from the classic drive-in and exploitation era. In fact, it houses so many film prints, in so many different states of completeness and under so many different titles than new complete prints are uncovered all the time. Back in March of this year, AGFA teamed with Chris Poggiali of the website Temple of Schlock to present the AGFA Endangered Fest, an all-night marathon of films once thought lost but currently housed in the AGFA archives. The indisputable stand-out of that brain bending night was THE ASTROLOGER, an incredibly ambitious self-biopic written, directed and starring real-life astrologer to the stars Craig Denney.

Now the rest of the Alamo team who pathetically didn't have the fortitude to endure the all-night marathon want to see this barely-existant piece of insanity for themselves and rather than just do a private screening after hours we figured we might as well make it a public screening after hours. Austin Film Society & Drafthouse programmer Lars Nilsen says, "The levels of self aggrandizement are jaw dropping enough, but Denney's fast paced cinematic style, which owes much to the early talkies of Warner Brothers is a stunner. By turns funny, baffling, and infuriating, THE ASTROLOGER will make you believe." Please join us in this noble act of cinematic discovery. 

Just a heads up, there's not going to be regular food service for this screening but you will be able to order drinks from the bar.

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