Director Jim Sharman
Year 1975
Starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell
Rating R
Run Time 100min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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"It was great when it all began."

Produced for the London stage in 1973, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW was Richard O'Brien's musical tribute to B-movies, sci-fi, 50s rock, and Hammer Horror, as filtered through the transgressive and camp attitudes rock-opera and punk. A huge success, the play caught the attention of 20th Century Fox, who fast-tracked a low-budget theatrical adaptation. Featuring most of the creative team and cast of the original production – including Tim Curry reviving his much acclaimed performance  –THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW was a flop when originally released in September 1975.

But the film gained a second life after premiering in the midnight movies program at New York City's Waverly Theater on April Fool's Day 1976. A core audience of rabid fanatics (which included composer Mark Shaiman, of SOUTH PARK and HAIRSPRAY fame) found themselves drawn back to the cinema again and again, and they began singing along, booing at the bad guys, talking back to the screen (the first reported call-back: "How strange was it?"), and even dressing like the characters. Their dedication has helped make THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW into the longest running theatrical release in cinema history.

"You've arrived on a very special night."

Now, at long last, the anitici.....pation is over! As the cult of Rocky Horror enters it's fourth decade, theDrafthouse's twenty-first century celebration of the daddy (and mommy) of interactive movies has incorporated new breakthroughs, elusive ingredients, and that...SPARK!, which will make the RHPS experience better than ever!

With thrilling props, the most outrageous callbacks, boisterous singing along, and stimulating pre-show games, we want these events to be your ultimate ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – whether this is your 1st or 500th time.

"It's just a jump to the left..."

The key to the perfect Rocky Horror screening is to have fun, live the movie, and be the dirty little pervert you always wanted to be, all while remembering to respect your fellow audience members and actually celebrating the film that we're all there to enjoy. We have found that some Rocky Horror screenings end up being a little too focused on the cast and the yelling of callbacks can sound like a crowd of angrily heckling jerkwads, and while there is certainly a time and a place for that with these instances of this show we're hoping to have a little more of the focus back on the movie.

Our dream is to have the entire audience actually in sync the way they are in this brilliant clip from FAME, and to that end we've pulled out all the stops to make it a unique experience. First and foremost that means we'll be using our special system of adding words and lyrics on a screen, so that everyone can know exactly when to say what, whether they're a RHPS virgin or an experienced cast member with 20 years of performing under his belt.

Call-backs, also known as "counterpoint dialogue", are the legendary jokes inserted into the film's (many) quiet moments, and have inspired generations of RHPS fans. Sing-Along screenings welcome this audience participation, but we also want everyone in the audience to have a good time. We've added several of the most popular call-backs into our title package, but we ask that additional call-backs be kept at a respectful volume that does not overpower the film, and that the humor keeps with the spirit of the RHPS legacy.

If you find someone is ruining your Sing-Along Rocky Horror experience, please let a server know.

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