Terror Tuesday


Director James W. Roberson
Year 1982
Starring James Houghton, Lynn Carlin, Billy Jacoby
Rating R
Run Time 96min
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If there's an all-out winner in the race for lost 1980s bloodletting masterpieces, then SUPERSTITION is three inches behind and hungry. Admittedly less respectable than its gold medal competitors, this supernatural holocaust flaunts its boneheadedness with an unrepentant firestorm of violence and irresponsibility. In the hands of creators burdened with a conscience, this may have been a standard haunted house/spectral vengeance tale. But 1982 was the apparently The Year Of No Rules, and SUPERSTITION instead stands naked atop a flaming orphanage and howls swear words at God's ass! No one is spared as heads explode in microwaves, railroad spikes are hammered into human brows and innocent children are brutally slain by otherworldly forces. Also -- and this is a personal biggie -- this movie features our all-time favorite on-screen kill, involving a malfunctioning power tool and a priest! Don’t be fooled by the inconspicuous title. Where most ghosts opt for subtle methods of human eradication, the hate-fueled post-mortem witchbeast of SUPERSTITION takes murder and chaos OVER THE MAX! (Zack Carlson)

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