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TARZAN & ARAB Come to America!

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Tarzan and Arab, identical twins born and raised in Gaza, are two of the most unique filmmakers you have ever seen.  In August of this year The Guardian, UK's premier news outlet, traveled to Gaza to interview the filmmakers and discuss the challenges they face as aspiring filmmakers in the Hamas controlled and regulated Gaza Strip.

"As artists we are restricted by living in a conservative and tough community," says Arab. "Let's be realistic. Our life is under siege, under control. People don't have time for art. They spend all their time looking for crumbs. They say, 'What use is art? Art will not give you bread.' "

Despite their lack of formal training, equipment and budget, the two 23-year-old brothers have finished their first short film as well as an impressive array of hand-painted posters for future planned projects.

Alamo Drafthouse will host the aspiring filmmakers for their first trip outside of Gaza and their first experience seeing a film in a movie theater on Wednesday, October 26 at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX.

The brothers, who made an award-winning short film called Colorful Journey in their editing suite/gallery/bedroom, are longtime cinephiles who have never seen film in a theater. Their film, about the political and personal costs associated with factional infighting in Gaza, has been shown in the West Bank and in London – a bittersweet experience for the brothers who could not attend their own events.

Inspired by their story, we wanted to give Tarzan and Arab a chance to see their first film in a theater along with a screening their own film with an audience, which also meant their first trip outside of Gaza.

The journey to get the brothers outside of Gaza and into the United States has been a difficult one, fraught with uncertainty, adventure and plenty of bureaucracy, but after much effort and persistence the Alamo Drafthouse is happy to welcome these two artists to Austin, TX for a screening of Ingmar Bergman’s Cries and Whispers, one of Tarzan and Arab’s all-time favorite films and their choice for their first movie to see in a movie theater.

When we found out about Tarzan and Arab and their amazing passion for movies, Drafthouse Films and Ain't It Cool News quickly reached out and asked if we could help source financing and excutive produce the feature version of their short film.  We have set an initial goal of $20,000 for this project.  This is still a meager amount of money for a feature production.  Should we exceed the goal, all proceeds will go towards making the production that much better.

If ever there were filmmakers who deserved the community support of Kickstarter, the twin brothers from Gaza who are determined to create despite seemingly insurmountable odds would be at the top of that list. Click here to donate

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