Director Peter Bogdanovich
Year 1968
Starring Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly, Arthur Peterson, Peter Bogdanovich
Rating R
Run Time 90min
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“Mr. Boogey Man, King of Blood they used to call me. Marx Brothers make you laugh, Garbo makes you weep, Orlok makes you scream.”

Uttered by aging horror movie icon Byron Orlok, the above quote may also speak for its performer, Boris Karloff. Behind-the-scenes, Karloff owed Roger Corman two days of shooting after the early wrap of the cobwebbed jam THE TERROR. Naturally, he needed to make another picture with Karloff. Corman then took a chance on the fresh-faced co-writer of THE WILD ANGELS, Peter Bogdanovich, to direct his first feature under the following conditions:

1. Two days of shooting with Karloff
2. A budget less than $125,000
3. Incorporate 20 minutes from The Terror
4. 40 minutes of footage without Karloff
5. And like any other Corman feature, make it fast

Bogdanovich recruited the help of hero Sam Fuller (PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET, THE NAKED KISS) to shape those stipulations into a workable story. Inspired by events surrounding UT shooter Charles Whitman, the 40 minutes of non-Karloff material follows a young, clean-cut Vietnam vet who unexpectedly snaps. Old-school fright collides with modern real world horror.

Centered around Karloff’s poignant meta-performance and Bogdanovich’s raw ambition, TARGETS is a compelling B-picture brimming a social and cinematic intensity that still resonates today. (Jake)

Stick around for a post-film roundtable discussion with guest presenter Jake Isgar (Alamo Drafthouse server and fantastic cinephile!). After seeing this gorgeous 35mm presentation, you’ll have a lot to say.