Director Worth Keeter, Tom McIntyre, Earl Owensby
Year 1984
Starring Fran Taylor, Leon Rippy, Robert Bloodworth
Run Time 85min
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From MARLEY'S REVENGE to CARNIVAL MAGIC, North Carolina's contributions to the cinematic arts have been monumental. But there is one man, residing at 1 Motion Picture Blvd. in Shelby NC, who created a film so ambitious that it transcends not only state lines but the very limits of our dimension. That man is Earl Owensby, director/producer of TALES OF THE THIRD DIMENSION IN 3-D! (And five other 3-D films from the early 80's!)

The world's most redundant title hides the world's least redundant horror anthology. The stories are hosted by Igor, a robotic Rod Serling with no skin, surrounded by animatronic vultures modeled after Laurel & Hardy and The Threee Stooges. True joy has never been more fully captured on camera. Unfortunately the first two stories are only adequate. A couple of Vampires try to adopt a child and then an undertaker and his pals turn out to be greedy graverobbers. No big deal. But the walls tumble to the ground in the final stretch with a tale of a homicidal granny desperate to wipe out her grandkids on Christmas Eve. Watch in horror and amazement as a lovable old woman employs, cutlery, electricity, poison and shotgun blasts in an all-out war against two 8-year olds. All this, plus a twist ending that will shatter your kneecaps.

Never officially released on video, we'll be screening from a rare tape acquired directly from Mr. Owensby. In two-dimensions, for your safety.

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