SURF NINJAS w/ Ernie Reyes Jr. LIVE!

Director Neal Israel
Year 1993
Starring Ernie Reyes Jr., Rob Schneider, Leslie Nielsen and Ernie Reyes Sr.
Rating PG
Run Time 87min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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With Ernie Reyes Jr. in attendance!!!

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting this classic, then you've missed out on a partially robotic Leslie Nielsen villain, Tone Loc in a supporting role, the comedic stylings of one Mr. Rob Schneider in his prime, a young Kelly Hu love interest role, and of course..the first starring vehicle for ERNIE REYES JR!

Johnny and Adam are two typical teens growing up in laidback California with their adoptive father Mac. That is...until Johnny's 16th birthday comes along, and ninja assassins attack the two boys and their friend Iggy. You see, these aren't your everyday average surfer dudes—these two boys are warrior sons of the Patusan, and, with the help of their newfound one-eyed protector Zatch, must travel to their homeland to reclaim their rightful crown from the evil Colonel Chi (Leslie Nielsen). What follows is high kicks, hijinks, prophetic Sega Game Gears, and makeshift surfboards everywhere!

I wore out my VHS tape of this growing up because I always dreamed that on my 16th birthday I would find out some earth-shattering news about myself and start to develop powers of my own. Sadly, that day never came, but this film lives on, and a boy can still dream. Not only will we be showing this '90s classic on an extremely rare 35mm print, but we have heralded warrior prince Johnny LIVE, IN-PERSON for you to pepper with all your Surf Ninjas-related questions or whatever else toots your fancy. So, call your friend with a topless Jeep, scream out "MOTOSURF," and work your way down to the Alamo because this is a night that CANNOT be repeated.

KWANTZU DUDES! I'm not too sure what that means but it's probably like "free beer" or something cause people seem to love it when I say it. (Greg MacLennan)

*This special 35mm screening is a 100% benefit for Ernie who was recently hospitalized with kidney failuire. If you'd like to read up or donate without attending this screening, his sister has set up a GOFUNDME page here. Check out our screening of TMNT II Pizza Party with Ernie HERE.

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