Action Pack


Director Jay Chandrasekhar
Year 2002
Starring Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan and André Vippolis
Rating R
Run Time 110min
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"Littering and? Littering and? Littering and?"

In 2002, the boys at Broken Lizard realized that America had been missing something we couldn't live without anymore. This was before RENO 911, remember, and in those dark days of the early millennium, it had been more than seven years since the final POLICE ACADEMY movie.

People were starting to forget that law enforcement in this country is run by a bunch of lovable schlubs who like to prank each other, steal drugs from the stash they confiscated, and totally hook up with each other in all sorts of awesome places (like the back of a police car).

But then we got to see a car full of stoners on their way to Canada pulled over when they were already pulled over and couldn't pull over any further, and we knew the world would be safe for cop comedy once again. With this SUPER TROOPERS Quote-Along, of course, we're hoping to make it dangerous...

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