Year 2014
Starring Japan
Run Time 90min

Another year has passed, which means each of us is that much closer to our inevitable end. But it also means there's a whole new years worth of mind-demonlishing wildness from Japanese TV to double-back-flip into. Prepare for the imminent return of the one and only SUPER HAPPY FUN MONKEY BASH!

A long running Alamo Drafthouse tradition, SUPER HAPPY FUN MONKEY BASH is a compilation of mind-boggling insanity from Japanese television. Featuring bawdy situation comedies, extreme sports mishaps, incomprehensible commercials for totally bizarre products, nonsensical English phrases, humiliating game shows, mind-boggling political incorrectness, poorly-timed nudity, foam rubber costumes, A-list American celebrities pimping themselves out for cheap Japanese products, and every type of supreme goofiness imaginable.

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