Director Ray Dennis Steckler & Ted Roter
Year 1965
Starring Ray Dennis Steckler, Mike Kannon and Carolyn Brandt
Run Time 78min
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“In Laugh-O-Color!”

Exploitation wildman Ray Dennis Steckler (a.k.a. Cash Flagg) took to filmmaking like a cannibal takes to a fresh, warm baby, unlocking unknown worlds of horror, crime, rock n’ roll and general smut throughout a brilliant career in off-Hollywood insanity.

When not wallowing in his various perversities, he and his long-time leading lady Carolyn Brandt popped out a family. And where most of the era’s proud parents might shoot some Super-8 footage of baby’s first steps, Steckler and company’s “home movies” took the form of madcap, full-scale film productions featuring alien creatures, man-eating gorillas, trigger-happy mobsters and monsters monsters MONSTERS!

Friends, kids and neighbors would be shanghaied and transformed into mummies, martians and murderers to appear before Steckler’s red-hot lens! Screened here in an INCREDIBLY rare 35mm print, this is a non-stop eruption of belly-shaking gigglesnorts and head-scratching hysteria from one of cinema’s most lawless pioneers!

Or as Steckler put it on the movie’s original poster: “A funny, funny film guaranteed to tickle the whole family cute!” What?!! (Zack)

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