SPIDER BABY (new Academy print!)

Director Jack Hill (The Big Doll House, Coffy, Foxy Brown)
Year 1968
Starring Lon Chaney, Jr., Sid Haig, Carol Ohmart
Run Time 81min
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Featuring a brand new 35mm restoration from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

In addition, there will be a brand new poster on sale for the event by Mondo!

SPIDER BABY; OR, THE MADDEST STORY EVER TOLD! is a rabid time capsule of late 1960s dementia. In a dilapidated rural mansion covered in spooky cobwebs, the last generation of the degenerate, inbred Merrye family lives with the inherited curse of a disease that causes them to mentally regress to "pre-human savagery and cannibalism" as they age. The family chauffeur (Lon Chaney, Jr.) looks out for them and covers up their gruesome  indiscretions. Trouble comes when greedy distant relatives and their lawyer arrive to dispossess the loving, tight-knit family of its home. Too unnerving to be considered a comedy, too weird and goofy to be considered straight-up horror, SPIDER BABY is a movie that wants to tie you up, snuggle in your lap, tickle you to hysterics, cut off your ear and eat your guts for dinner.

Lon Chaney Jr. wrote and sings this movie's theme song which also just happens to be your new all-time favorite song ever. "Frankenstein, Dracula and even the Mummy/Are sure to end up in somebody's tummy!"

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