Terror Tuesday


Director Stephen Traxler
Year 1978
Starring Hy Pyke, Alan Blanchard, Slithis
Rating R
Run Time 86min
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"Finally, nature unleashes its revenge! Hell hath no fury like Slithis!" When the toxicity of Los Angeles reaches alarming new heights, SLITHIS!! -- a radioactive beastie who resembles a decayed watermelon -- prowls the waterfronts of Venice Beach. Of course, many people are destroyed by Slithis's gore-soaked carnage. The local high school journalism teacher (!!?) is hot on the monster’s heels, aided by an assortment of useless dopes. A racist scuba diver! An inebriated biologist that lives in a geodesic dome! A woman named Jeff! But of all these insane cohorts, true happiness arrives in the form of spastic bit-parter Hal Pyke as an angry police chief. Pyke's swap meet-caliber performance/mental breakdown can only be compared to a rabid Danny DeVito snorting infant spinal cord from a shotgun barrel. If CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON was "updated" by hoboes on a quaalude binge, it might feel something like this movie. Audience members at original theatrical screenings were handed the "Slithis Survival Kit," a glorified ad for the "Slithis Fan Club" that did not exist. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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