SLEEPAWAY CAMP: With Jonathan Tiersten Live

Director Robert Hiltzick
Year 1983
Starring Jonathan Tiersten, Felissa Rose, Karen Fields
Rating R
Run Time 88min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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As our nostalgic tribute to the Summer of '83 comes to a close we would not forgive ourselves if we failed to screen one of the greatest horror movies to come from that magnificent year, especially when the film's star resides right here in Colorado and... is able to attend the screening.

If you were to judge SLEEPAWAY CAMP by it’s title alone, you would be forgiven for thinking it was just another FRIDAY THE 13TH rip-off. While it is indeed a summer camp slasher, the camp is just a little thicker than the blood, and the biggest scares may be from the fake mustaches and awkward silences.

SLEEPAWAY CAMP is the sad story of Angela Baker (Felissa Rose), who loses her brother, Peter, and her dad, John, in a boating accident. Eight years later, Angela is living with her creepy aunt, Dr. Martha Thomas, and her cousin, Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten).  Aunt Martha thinks the best thing to do with a disturbed and depressed girl is send her and her cousin away to camp. Predictably, Angela is bullied by everyone at camp, from counselors to campers, though she does develop an attraction to a hunky camper named Paul (Christopher Collet).  But romance and roasting marshmallows grow complicated as Angela’s bullies are picked off one by one. Who is the mysterious killer protecting Angela? The reveal is one of the most glorious and shocking in horror history, and if you’ve never seen it, don’t Google the answer.

Beyond the great reveal, the film’s sexuality is fascinating, and truly sets it apart from all other slashers.  As opposed to horror films filled with T&A, “slut shaming,” and pure final girls, SLEEPAWAY CAMP is a movie obsessed with sexual orientation. We see John Baker living happily – and openly – as a gay man in the first few minutes of the film, a character fact which CAMP returns to again and again, and making it a key component of Angela’s disquieting personality. An essay could be written on what SLEEPAWAY CAMP might be saying about a Two Dad household.

You’ll have the opportunity to have that discussion (and so many more) at our special screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Jonathan Tiersten – Cousin Ricky! -- will be in person at the screening. We’ll screen the film, have a lively Q&A, and interactive games with Tiersten. Whether you’re a fan of horror, cult cinema, or just terrific cinematic discussion, this is an event for you.  (Elisabeth Rappe)

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