Director Charles Lane
Year 1989
Starring Charles Lane, Nicole Alysia, Sandye Wilson
Rating R
Run Time 97min
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A young artist living in New York, on the fringes of the financial district and its rushing crowds, tries to make a living sketching passers-by on the street. He survives on his meager means and has found refuge in an abandoned building. One night, on the corner of a back alley, he finds a little girl whose father has just been murdered. While struggling to take care of her, he meets a young rich woman who immediately falls in love with this awkward couple... all in b&w silence and without the use of a single intertitle.

Twenty years before THE ARTIST, SIDEWALK STORIES portrays the friendship of a tramp and a child, in a moving and funny homage to Chaplin’s THE KID. Both witty and tender, Charles Lane’s gorgeous black and white comedy pays tribute to the silent film era, with a score composed by Marc Marder. Charles Lane accurately captures the daily life of the homeless population of New York with a cinéma vérité approach Winner of the Prix du Public at the Cannes Film Festival, SIDEWALK STORIES became a hit independent film around the world, but then disappeared: it’s never been on DVD or home video. It has now been restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata and is ready for rediscovery.

"Let's get this part right up front - SIDEWALK STORIES, the first feature-length movie by Charles Lane, is a flat-out brilliant piece of work." – The Times

"A great, lovable, monumental film that'll finally get it's due! It’s guffawsome but also touching—and all without a single title card, with the help of a versatile nonstop score by Marc Marder. Sidewalk Stories received a 15-minute ovation at Cannes, had a limited release, turned up on TV, and then basically disappeared, which is tragic. You might never have heard of it, but thanks to this rediscovery, restoration and rerelease, that’ll never be the case again.” – Henry Stewart, The L Magazine

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