Shintoho Mindwarp: DEATH ROW WOMAN

Director Nobuo Nakagawa
Year 1960
Starring Miyuki Takakura, Yoichi Numata, Tatsuo Terashima
Run Time 78min
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Born of the fires of dissidence in 1949, always teetering on the verge of greatness and the brink of disaster, Japan’s Shintoho studios specialized in making horror, noir, and risqué oddities. Though they produced works by masters like Kurosawa and Ozu, they are most well known for their exploitation fare. Condemned as cheap, disposable trash at the time, these films proved massively influential and revolutionized Japanese genre movies, populating them with bizarre ghouls and ghosts, rebellious teenagers, vampires, gangsters, and curvy girls in bikinis. The company went bankrupt in 1961, and few of their films have been seen in the West—until now. Join us for the Texas premiere of these eight newly-remastered hidden gems and experience the glory days of Japanese exploitation cinema.


Arrested for the murder of her wealthy businessman father, convicted on false evidence and sentenced to death, Kyoko is determined to prove her innocence. With the aid of an older convict, she makes a daring escape and reunites with her fiancé. But with the police closing in, can they unmask the real killer in time? The film is closer in sensibility to the era's “women's pictures,” whose typical themes were female suffering and sacrifice, than the women-in-prison exploitation pics of the 1970s. On the other hand, Death Row Woman provided the template for several of Shintoho’s frequent themes, from its woman-on-woman brawls to its depictions of same-sex desire.

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