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SHAUN OF THE DEAD Quote-along with Edgar Wright

Director Edgar Wright
Year 2004
Starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost
Rating R
Run Time 129min
More Info IMDb

Featuring free inflatable cricket bats to whack your neighbor’s brains out with and for this one screening only director Edgar Wright will be there in the flesh!

“You’ve got red on you.”

You can quote along with all of your favorite British-accented zombie fighters as The Action Pack presents the SHAUN OF THE DEAD QUOTE-ALONG. We’ll have all of our favorite lines subtitled karaoke-style so that they pop up on the screen in white seconds before the character says the line, then highlights in yellow along with the dialog so we can all yell out, “She’s so DRUNK!” when Shaun and Ed first discover the zombie in their backyard. PLUS! We’ve ordered a full crate of inflatable cricket bats from England so that every time Shaun whacks a zombie to make a break for it, you can live out that excitement in the theater. Whack the person next to you and get whacked right back. Use your brains! Your delicious, scrumptious brains..." (Henri Mazza)

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