Run Time 120min


PROBLEM CHILDREN ARE COMING FROM ANOTHER WORLD AREN’T THEY? — On the world known as Little Garden, factions and communities compete for power via Gift Games, in which individuals with unusual abilities are set against each other. But where there are winners, there are also losers, and the group called the "No Names" has been so devastated in their conflicts with the Demon Lords that almost all of their 120 remaining members are still children! For surviving leaders Jin and Black Rabbit there seems to be only one hope: bring in outside recruits and gamble that their new abilities will somehow reverse the tide! Of course, Earth-born Izayoi, Asuka and Yo don't know any of this when they accept the invitation to come to Little Garden, nor do they know how dangerous the games actually are. Fortunately, all three are far more formidable than anyone can imagine. Still, before they can win the games, they'll have to learn how to work together and with the other No Names, and time is rapidly running out! (Sentai Anime)


WATAMOTE — Tomoko Kuroki wants to be popular and dreams of having friends to hang out with, but her utter, crippling inability to interact in person with anyone who isn't a family member leaves her unable to figure out how, so she whiles her time away on anime and female-oriented dating sims. She assumes that high school life will be better, as everyone knows that high school girls are magical creatures who automatically attract attention, but she instead discovers that her situation in high school is no different than what it was before. Frustrated, she turns to her one friend from middle school, a fellow otaku, only to discover that she has blossomed in many ways that Tomoko hasn't. As she struggles to find a way to improve her lot and imagines all sorts of colorful scenarios that crash down around her, she occasionally wonders if the reason she is not succeeding is due to the indifference of those around her rather any major flaw within her. (Sentai Films)

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