Action Pack


Director The Action Pack
Year 1990s
Starring Eve 6, Tom Cochrane, Green Day, Third Eye Blind
Run Time 120min

We’ve been throwing regular Totally ‘80s parties at several theaters since January, but other than a few specialized genres we haven’t given nearly enough love to everyone’s favorite decade for pre-mature nostalgia – the glorious 1990s! Fortunately, we’ve put together the SEMI-CHARMED KIND OF SING-ALONG to fix all of that.

Right this second, our Action Pack VJs are hard at work building the ultimate ‘90s pop/rock playlists, and so far we’ve whittled it down to 8 hours and 20 minutes. That’s a little bit longer than the Alamo will let us keep on partying, though, so we’re making tough decisions. Tom Cochrane’s LIFE IS A HIGHWAY, or Green Day’s BASKET CASE? Sublime’s WHAT I GOT, or Eve 6’s INSIDE OUT?

There are just too many amazing pop songs from that decade to possibly choose!!!

Fortunately we’ll be putting together a lot of ‘90s shows in the future, so if your favorite song doesn’t make it into this event just let us know and we’ll get you taken care of next time. For now, come on out to the SEMI-CHARMED KIND OF SING-ALONG and revel in the most amazing two hours of ‘90s partying that’s ever rocked a movie theater.

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